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5th Annual Drink Water Rat Race

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We're not done yet! This is the fundraiser page for the 5th Annual DRINK WATER RAT RACE

Bear with us as we compile donations from this year's race.

You can still enter the snowboard raffle taking place July 30th.

Make a donation of $5 and we'll add your name to the raffle drawing. Want to be entered multiple times? Make multiple donations of $5.

Of course, anyone can donate to the fundraiser, even if you don't want to race. Make a donation and we will be selecting ONE RAFFLE WINNER for a very limited edition RAT RACE Nitro Snowboard when the fundraiser is over JULY 30.

Thanks very much.

Questions: thankyouforsupporting@wedrinkwater.com



This is also the page where we compile donations generated through Rat Race sponsors, riders and your individual donations.

This year, we again expect to raise well over 20k once all is said and done. (It takes a little bit to compile all donations). In the meantime, if you want to enter the lottery, like the mission, or just want to be a part of something, we encourage you to make a donation and help us raise money for this worthy cause.

A little info on the Rat Race:

The Rat Race presented by DRINK WATER is a summertime snowboard race, held at Timberline Ski Resort on the Palmer Glacier high atop Mt. Hood, Oregon at High Cascade Snowboard Camp.

It is banked slalom meets "hell track" -- borrowing from the Legendary Mt Baker Banked Slalom, Dirksen Derby and adding a bit of BMX's "Rad Racing," the Rat Race is a timed race through gates, berms, and obstacles.

The snowboard community's most talked about event of the summer, the Rat Race includes Olympians, X-Games winners, banked-slalom-race champs, rail kids, office jocks and random heroes bent on glory.

In its 5th year, the Rat Race is Drink Water's top fundraising event, raising money for water.org!

For every $25 raised, Water.org can give someone access to safe water for life. Co-founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, Water.org has been helping people develop sustainable solutions for more than 25 years. Together, we can change lives with safe water.

2014 Rat Race from Drink Water on Vimeo.

247 supporters
Adrian Rasmussen — $5.00
Adrian Rasmussen — $5.00
Che Tratensek-Contor — $5.00
Charlie Hoch — $5.00

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