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Darren Calhoun

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Darren says:

On January 26, 2012 I woke up to the inconvenience of a water pipe having burst in my building. That's the first time I've experienced NOT having water in my life. But I knew it was a temporary problem and would be resolved soon. That's not the case for 1 Billion people who woke up today.

More people on the planet have a cell phone than have access to a toilet and over a billion people lack no way to flush away yesterday's meal at all. Lack of safe water and sanitation impacts a family's health, keeps children from getting an education, and traps millions in a cycle of poverty.

For only $25 Water.org can get someone safe water FOR LIFE. Co-founded by Matt Damon, Water.org has been helping people get sustainable solutions for over twenty years. We can make a difference in the world, we can help change someone's life.

My life has been BLESSED with 32 years of access to clean water. I'm asking that THIS WEEK you bless someone else's life with the same.


Darren Calhoun


One persons life is forever changed... 11 more to go!