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Lynn Johnson Hasselberger

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Lynn says:

Every 21 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease, and diarrhea remains the second leading cause of death of children under the age of five worldwide. The problem is enormous but solutions are available. Kids with access to safe water are healthier and can attend school regularly.

I know there are a lot of worthy charities out there. I’ve created my own fundraiser for because I believe safe water is necessary for life. The water crisis is something I feel I can help solve. I hope you agree by giving whatever amount you can to support my efforts.

For every $25 that I raise, can give someone access to safe water for life. Co-founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, has been helping people develop sustainable solutions for more than 20 years. Together, we can change lives with safe water.


Yolanda McNair


I scrolled through the @Water twitter timeline until I found a fundraiser! I hope this helps you reach your goal!