Emily, Alex & Meghan Jensrud

Water Equality

Emily, Alex & Meghan Jensrud
Fundraiser overview

Around the world, 780 million men, women and children need access to safe water. This negatively impacts their health, keeps children from attending school, and traps millions of people in a cycle of poverty. This all changes when solutions to access safe water are implemented.

With the popularity of the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, a lot of fresh water has been used in order to complete this challenge. While we were nominated, we decided to do something to bring awareness to both issues. We accepted the challenge, but instead of using fresh water, we used lake water from Lake Minnetonka, we also created our Water.org fundraiser. And for every $25 that we raise, Water.org can give someone access to safe water for life.

Please help us take action to bringing safe water to people around the world by donating whatever you can to help.

3 supporters
Alexandra Jensrud — $25.00
Dong Phan — $25.00
Emily, Alex & Meghan Jensrud — $25.00

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Here are some tips and tools to help you transform more lives with safe water.

Send an email inviting everyone you know to give water.
Get social! Post one of these graphics on Facebook or Twitter.
Print and post one of these signs, telling everyone at school, the office, or even the grocery store how they can help give water.