Ryan Lenhart

Ryan's Quest for Global Hydration

Ryan Lenhart
Fundraiser overview

Billions of people live in poverty today. Hunger is one of the leading global causes of death, and hundreds of millions of people lack access to clean drinking water. I will be running the Champaign marathon on April 22nd. I am lucky enough to have a water station every mile, so it's the least I can do to raise money for those who lack access to clean drinking water due to the fact that they aren't born into the same privileged environment as many of us.

For every $25 that I raise, Water.org can give someone access to safe water, empowering them to define their own future.

29 supporters
Judy, Jay, and Alan Heyman — $35.00
Congrats Ryan for putting your money where your mouth is...and in this case your feet. We know you'll do well. Love, Judy, Jay and Alan
J B — $20.00
Drew McNamara — $10.00
Keep up the great work bud!
Jamie Elekman — $25.00
"I like people who have goals" Excited to contribute to yours in any way! Jamie

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