Tamara Levin

Isaac's Bar-Mitzvah Chesed Project

Tamara Levin
Fundraiser overview

Hello, My name is Isaac Levin and I will IY”H be celebrating my Bar-Mitzvah this year. As part of my celebration, I am taking on a Chesed (Giving) project to give back and to help others in need. I have chosen to support Water.org.
The reason why I chose this Cause is because water is essential to our life. Unfortunately, 663 million people around the world lack access to safe water. They don’t have clean water to drink or to take care of themselves or their families. I want to change this and help give these communities a chance to live longer and healthier lives.
You can help me by donating to my fundraiser. For every $25 that I raise, Water.org can give someone access to safe water, empowering them to define their own future. Co-founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, Water.org is a non-profit organization providing innovative, market-based solutions that have changed lives every day through safe water and sanitation for more than 25 years. I believe it is very important to help others. Thank you for helping celebrate my Bar-Mitzvah in this special way of doing Chesed.
Tizkoo L’Mitzvot! Isaac Levin

29 supporters
Ethan Isenberg — $50.00
Shira Levin — $36.00
Mazal Tov! We are so proud of you!
Jeremy Chernikoff — $36.00
Anonymous — $36.00
Mazel tov. Can't wait to celebrate

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Send an email inviting everyone you know to give water.
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