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Fundraiser overview

We are raising money through the Human Rights Club at Riverview School to help solve the severe water crisis in world. We have decided to get involved and help fund ways that will provide clean, safe water for thousands.

To raise awareness for this worthy cause, we have a “Walk for Water” event every Patriot’s Day in April. We start our walk on campus and proceed from the school to the ocean where we pick up containers of water. We do this to get the experience of having to walk to get water every day like so many people in world.

Starting with the first week of school, students who express interest, participate in a Human Rights Club to be the school’s ambassadors. They study the origin of Human Rights and the rights for people around the world. They also investigate the water crisis the world faces. They do several presentations to the school body about what Human Rights means, educate about the crisis and solutions, and to explain what happened with the money that has been raised in the past.

Over the last three years we have raised $7,00.00. Last year the Ambassadors reevaluated where to send their money and were very impressed with the work done by Water.org. Due to the complexity of the water crisis, we decided to support Water.org because of their varied and innovative approaches to solving the problem.

In November, students attend the Human Rights Academy for a session with participants from every school on Cape Cod, MA. Each school makes a commitment to create a project for improving human rights and then meet again in the spring to celebrate their efforts. This year the Academy met at our school on November 16, 2012.

Human Rights Ambassadors have raised money through the annual “Walk for Water” event, put on a dances, made bracelets, and sold cookies, along with spontaneously contributing money. A beautiful button is designed each year to give to every participant that walks from our school to the beach and returns with a container of water.

Will you help too? A contribution of even a $1.00 goes a long way. Any amount you would like to give would be very much appreciated. If it is at all possible, we would love to have you join our walk which is one mile round trip. For more information, please contact Janet Hastings at the Riverview School (jhastings@riverviewschool.org).

Sincerely, The Human Rights Ambassadors

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