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Mr. Step's Class
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I teach for a living, and I continually hear about how my teenage students only care about themselves. This is simply not true. After reading "A Long Walk to Water," my 9th grade students were inspired to raise awareness to help less fortunate children have access to clean water, toilets, and the dignity that every child should have. My kids are by no means "well off," but they are rich in their empathy and desire to help others. Please help them know the joy that comes from becoming a global citizen; uniting us in our common humanity.

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Leslie Simon — $25.00
Thanks for rallying people to this important cause, and congratulations on your successful effort!
Miscellaneous Donors — $85.00
You see? Even spare change adds up!
The Madonna family — $150.00
Glad to help! This will help u guys reach your goal for sure ;0)
Jonathan & Hilleary Nguyen — $50.00
Well done guys! Take a bow!

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