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Kristen Elechko

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Judith Roberts — $30.00
Go Kristen!
Kristen Elechko — $25.00
What an amazing feat for a great cause! So happy to support you.
Betsy Smith — $25.00
Nicole Parker — $25.00
Julie Holt — $50.00
Of course I'll help you reach your goal. You inspire me!
Gina Brewer — $25.00
Your almost there! Such a great cause :)
Jacqueline Mitchell — $100.00
Thank you for working so hard to raise money for this great cause! You are an inspiration- keep going!
Lori Friedman — $30.00
Sorry this is such a late donation. I hope it's not too late, and that all went well. Thinking of you.
Jen Gallant — $20.00
Kristen! Congratulations! What accomplishments - winning the gold and raising money for such a worthy cause. Jen
Carrianna Field — $25.00
Good luck
Michele Marotta — $25.00
Amazing, Kristen!
Elizabeth Spong — $10.00
So proud of you, Kristen!! Thank you for inspiring so many people with your hard work and accomplishments. AWESOME!!
Sue Monahan — $25.00
You are awesome!! Keep on Keeping on!
Brenda Oppermann — $25.00
Go Kristen go!!!!
Chia Collins — $150.00
Blessings in the way you walk! I will be sending you love each day;)
Libby Lass — $50.00
Congratulations Kristen on your awesome finish! I am happy to be able to contribute to this important work...
Annie Thompson — $25.00
Go Kristen!!!!
Lauren Holt — $25.00
Go proud of you and your amazing strength!
Alexandra Russell — $25.00
So inspired, Kristen. Good luck and have fun!
Sybil Gotsch — $50.00
What a great cause, K. You are a rockstar! Best of luck in the games. Hugs, Sybil
Jessie Cooley — $35.00
Yeah Kristen!!!
Isa Deloge — $25.00
Go Kristen - GO!!!!
Morey Walker Patty — $50.00
Arden Odonnell — $50.00
I'm so proud of you!!
nancy schwartz sternoff — $150.00
go kristen!
Mary Witt — $25.00
Water is the drink of life...drink up life...give water...
Mindy Domb — $20.00
Go Kristen Go!
Galileo Nkosi — $20.00
"Go run, run" Galileo
Gina Brewer — $25.00
What an amazing cause you are raising for! I admire your motivation. Have a great time in the games!
Amy Leighton — $25.00
You are a dreamer, a doer, a thinker and you see possibility everywhere! IPOY! Amy
Andrea Kramer — $50.00
Good luck. And thanks for doing this.
Anonymous — $50.00
Helen Ann Sephton — $25.00
You are an inspiration, Kristen! Thank you for doing this. I teach kids about water issues, and this will become part of that program!
Micaela&Jon Hebert — $50.00
You're really going the extra mile.Love you, K!The real purpose of running isn't to win a race; it's to test the limits of the human heart