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Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race. ~ H.G. Wells

Imagine that. One adult on a bike contributes to the betterment of humanity, simply by generating hope. I have taken this idea very literally – to some with audacious abandon; to others, purposeful poise. My name is Jeff Glen and I aim to ride across Canada to raise “a dollar a kilometer” towards water projects in Haiti.

So why Haiti, and why now? After using the toilet I wash my hands before I eat, as most of us do, but 7 out of every 9 people in Haiti do not have that option. Something as simple as handwashing on a regular basis prevents many diseases that claim lives, yet only half of Haiti residents have access to sanitary water services.

Simply supplying money and a solution is not enough; it is about small communities banding together to be part of the solution. That’s why I created a fundraiser through the organization, which works with partners in the local communities to build the wells. How it works is the community will put down 10% of the cost through a small loan called a microcredit. After the well is completed, the loan can be paid back by means chosen by the community. This creates a real sense of ownership and ensures long term upkeep of the well.

But who am I? I think I am just a regular guy. I like a beer just as much as the next person, but once in a while I get a little ambitious and want to test my limits. Limits like riding to the Mt. Everest basecamp all the way from Beijing, which I accomplished in 2004. But more than that I am someone who wants to make a difference. I need to connect with people and share experiences that change what they define and perceive as ’possible’.

For every dollar I raise I ride a kilometer on my bike. There are about 7000 kilometers coast to coast across Canada. That may seem like a long distance, but every dollar you donate will be one more kilometer pushing me across the country and closer to my goal. If I can raise more than $7000 I may extend my ride south towards Haiti. I will be travelling through Canadian cities starting June 3rd, 2012 and ending sometime in September.

How can you help me? Donations are great of course, but it’s also about spreading the word. Tell a friend, sponsor a road of my journey, ride a portion with me, even a meal and a place to stay will contribute to the cause. Wouldn’t it be great if people knew I was coming? Help me connect with your friends and family across Canada and promote Haiti’s need for clean water.

When a dollar turns into a kilometer, every little bit goes a long way.

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Karl Lange — $20.00
Hello Jeff, One person can make a difference!! I really enjoyed meeting you and having you as a guest in my home. Come visit N.S. again
Jeff Glen — $20.00
Jerome Devereaux $20! Last Donation from Newfoundland and maybe charity :)
Jeff Glen — $76.00
Fogo island! Lynch's (Little Harbour) and Penton's (Joe Batt's Arm)
Jeff Glen — $5.00
Paul Pelley (St. John's cabbie)!

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