Ryan Trahan

1 Penny. Safe water for all.

Ryan Trahan

Opportunity starts with safe water. Yet 1 in 10 people around the world lack access to safe water and 1 in 4 people lack access to a toilet. I’m supporting Water.org to help change this.

Together we can help change lives with safe water and the health and opportunity that flow from it.

Every $5 helps provide one person with lasting access to safe water or sanitation.

Donate today to give safe water and change lives!

Donation trophies:

Contributor Trophy $1000 your name will be placed in the end screen of each video Superstar Trophy $5000 verbal thank you in the next video The Great Reset Trophy $50,000 Ryan must start over again at $0.01 Invincibility Trophy $50,000 Ryan is protected from the great reset for 24 hours Monopoly Trophy $100,000 Ryan will shar eyour message with the world in the next video, ad reads, shoutouts, etc. Custom amount. $5 gives one person access to safe water or sanitation

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