Webb Brightwell

An Attempt at Knighthood of Sufferlandria

Webb Brightwell

Around the world, 780 million men, women and children need access to safe water. This negatively impacts their health, keeps children from attending school, and traps millions of people in a cycle of poverty. This all changes when solutions to access safe water are implemented.

On Oct 13th I will attempt to ride my bike indoors for more than 11 hours to raise money to help Water.org meet its critical missions. It won't just be 11 hours of mindless pedaling. I will be doing ten of TheSufferfest.com's workouts back-to-back. For every $25 that I raise with your help, Water.org can give someone access to safe water for life. Together, we can change lives with safe water.

Filling a glass with clean water has become so routine for us it has become a thoughtless act. If you are thirsty, you get some water. It is as simple as that. Likewise, while I am on my bike, filling my water bottles will be no harder than walking to my kitchen. Perhaps less obvious is how convenient it will be to walk 15 feet to our bathroom during breaks. As endurance athletes we do not take such easy access to clean water and sanitary waste systems for granted. It is why we joined Team Water.org.

Please join us in this event either by donating (any amount) or riding a session or more with me. The schedule (with anticipated start times) of TheSufferfest.com workouts will be posted at http://triathletesjourney.blogspot.com/2013/09/knighthood-of-sufferlandria-for-waterorg.html

Thank you! Webb

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