Peachtree Charter Middle School Walks for Water

Fundraiser overview

663 million people around the world lack access to safe water, and we want to change this. You can help Peachtree Charter Middle School by donating to our fundraiser for

For every $25 that we raise, can give someone access to safe water, empowering them to define their own future.

We especially want to lessen the burden of women and children in the developing world, who often spend up to 6 hours a day gathering water for their families.

Co-founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, is a non-profit organization providing innovative, market-based solutions that have changed lives every day through safe water and sanitation for more than 25 years.

37 supporters
Temi Levy — $25.00
Wonderful project. Thanks for doing this.
Kira Dunkerley — $20.00
Blythe Martinson — $25.00
Jovan Moses — $55.00
Thank you for Always Exceeding Our Expectations. Awesome Sauce 💜 - Chase B

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Here are some tips and tools to help you transform more lives with safe water.

Send an email inviting everyone you know to give water.
Get social! Post one of these graphics on Facebook or Twitter.
Print and post one of these signs, telling everyone at school, the office, or even the grocery store how they can help give water.