Trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp

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Noah Barton — $10.00
Anonymous — $60.00
Anushka Thank you for taking on this project and thank you for caring.
Aditya Mukherjee — $200.00
Good Job!
Anonymous — $25.00
Good Luck Anushka, proud of you.
devika kommineni — $100.00
Great effort on your hike Anushka!! You are supporting a great cause.
Nithin Shakamuri — $250.00
Congratulations on reaching your goal!! Very proud and I know this is only the beginning of the great things you will accomplish!
Francis Russo — $60.00
Wonderful cause. Keep trekking!
Shridhar Garapaty — $500.00
Good luck with your trekking! Tata K Basava Rao.
Sesha Komaravolu — $100.00
Anushka, You are an amazing young lady! So proud of you! Enjoy Everest hike! - Padma, & Venkatesh
Anonymous — $100.00
Bhavani-Venu BathinI — $240.00
Anushka, Giving back is a privilege. Keep working for good cause. Wish you the very best in your endeavors. Bhavani Aunty Venu Uncle
Prasant Lokinendi — $20.00
Good luck!
Anonymous — $100.00
Great project! Well done!
Shari Belanger — $60.00
I am so impressed by your initiative on this, Anushka, and I wish you the adventure of a lifetime.
Shridhar Garapaty — $200.00
Dear Anushka, Love the charity you have chosen and happy to help. Have a great trek to base camp and helping with the cause of water.
Tagore Surapaneni — $200.00
Good Luck Anushka . Surapaneni family
Robin Silverman — $100.00
Good luck, Anushka!! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures when you return.
Ravikanth Bandaru — $100.00
Good luck Anushka! Be safe!
Bhaskar Koukuntla — $150.00
all the best in your endeavors !! Keep rocking.
Lekha Lokinendi — $60.00
We are so proud of you Anushka! You are awesome. ❤️ Best wishes from Pranita, Prasant, Lekha Aunty & Rao Uncle
Shalini Kambham — $120.00
Great work Anushka👏 Good Luck👍 Best wishes from Bhaskar uncle, Shalini aunty, Ipsita and Eashaan
Sreeni Konduri — $160.00
Dear Anushka, very noble way of celebrating your birthday for a great cause!! Wish you all the very best –Santosh, Kirti, Sudha Sreeni
Anonymous — $50.00
Good luck Anushka!! Best Nanu mama, and Atta
Madhu Shakamuri — $500.00
Dear Anushka: We really admire your way of celebrating your 16th birthday. Wishing you the very on your expedition to Mt. Everest.
Siva Lavu — $200.00
All the best, dream big! A wonderful cause that you are supporting. Take care!
Kiran Vemula — $20.00
Anne Marie McDonnell — $60.00
What a great adventure you are about to embark on. Enjoy.
Cheron Guyton — $100.00