Walk-a-thon for Water!

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Victoria Costa — $20.00
so proud of Stone for taking action for such an important cause!
Jonathan Rono — $10.00
Way to go Luke!
Anonymous — $115.00
Bryn Parsons — $5.00
Way to go, Luke!
Maddison Hamilton — $25.00
Cash donations from Ms. Maddison's Crew
Ronna Bond — $14.00
Proud of you, Luke! To a life of action and compassion!
Kate Reid — $155.00
Cash donations from Ms. Kate's 3rd grade CREW
Kelly Foulke — $40.00
In support of Atticus and Eliza Adducci and their school walk-a-thon for water in Denver, Colorado.
Sarah Thompson — $100.00
split between Adducci kids
Dave & Monica Payne — $90.00
We are so proud of you. Love you lots! Granddad & GaGa
Melissa Ball — $20.00
For my Madeline in Erica's crew. I am so proud of your 4 laps you walked and learning all about water from you.
Aunt Laura & Uncle Lou Adducci — $90.00
We're proud of you Atticus & Eliza!
Lisa Adducci — $50.00
Anna Hewson — $25.00
Thank you for bringing awareness regarding water issues and pollution to our whole family!
Jennifer and Steve Moore — $50.00
Congratulations Emma and Miss Maddison’s Crew. We are so proud of everyone!!
Jake, Kelly, Lucy, and Max Kozlowski — $50.00
In honor of Lucy's hard work and her Crew in the Walk for Water.
Jake, Kelly, Lucy, and Max Kozlowski — $50.00
In honor of Lucy's hard work and her Crew in the Walk for Water.
Harold Yandik — $10.00
Keep up the good work!
Janet Kemp — $25.00
we are so lucky to live in a place where our children have access to clean water
Grandpa Gene and Grandma Eve Yoshihara — $50.00
We know your grandparents would support you in this, Isla and Keller! They loved you so much!
Quinn and Sydney Eyer — $50.00
nice work Isla and Keller! Very impressed!
Adrienne Yoshihara — $50.00
So proud of you, Isla and Keller! We love you!
Melissa Kendrick — $20.00
Ethan Hemming — $30.00
Anonymous — $10.00
Kristi Hallman — $40.00
Proud of you Atticus & Eliza!
Pamela Grover — $45.00
for Josh in Ms. Josie's crew
Anthony Taliercio — $25.00
donating in honor of AJ in Ms. Linda's Crew
Emily Hariton — $30.00
Important work you are all doing! In recognition of Ms. Kate's 3rd grade classroom. Keep it up!
James Licardi — $30.00
Good job A.J
Anonymous — $50.00
On behalf of my grandchildren Atticus and Eliza Adducci.
Barb Lundy — $25.00
Such an important cause. Water means life, no matter where we live. I'm proud of you AJ! Grandma
Megan Licardi — $25.00
Go AJ #wearecrew
Marsha Ferm — $50.00
On behalf of Georgia Mae and Jack Boden Bryan
Karen and Tony Adducci — $20.00
Thanks Centennial Schoolfor bringing awareness to the children and our world about what we take for granted. Walk strong Atticus and Eliza!
Tony and Judy Ptak — $30.00
We are giving this in recognition of our nephew A. J. đź’•
What a great project Aria!
Randi Allison — $10.00
Andrea Waner — $10.00
Becca Romero — $25.00
Drew Wright — $50.00
Great Cause! Walk hard!
Lynda Henningsen — $100.00
Thank you to students and staff at Centennial for all your efforts on this very worthwhile project.
Sandy Stone — $25.00
You're doing awesome! Keep up the good work!
Brenda Sinclair — $25.00
Terri Roush — $50.00
Bobby Rothschild — $20.00
Water for everyone!! Thanks Centennial!
Les Silver — $50.00
Anonymous — $25.00
Wonderful to see kids making such a positive difference in the world!
Breanne Mathias — $20.00
Mary Burge — $50.00
donation made in honor of my grandson Cooper Zimmerman 2nd grade at Centennial School
Anonymous — $100.00
Laurie Clark — $25.00
Thanks for your work and dedication!
Dianna Lawyer-Brook — $15.00
Thank you for what you are doing.
Alana Shaw — $25.00
Margery Wieder — $25.00
Good work, Erica. Proud of you and your class!
Joanne Jackson — $20.00
Let's go for it!