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Kevin & Nicole's Summer Party

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Summer is here!! Perfect time to go to the beach or have a swanky pool party. But wait a minute!! 844 million people — about 1 in 9 — lack access to safe water. Beach, what? Are you shore?


Let's turn the tides and get this party started, for everyone.

To help raise money and awareness we will also be shaving their heads COMPLETELY BALD! Goodbye luscious waves! Kevin has been growing out his hair for over 3 years, and this is the longest Nicole's hair has been in 7 years.

Check out a video we put together here:

Our hair will be donated to a children's hospital in Shanghai that makes wigs for children with leukemia.

Every $60 donated will help provide one family in need with life-changing access to safe water or sanitation. is an international nonprofit organization that has positively transformed millions of lives around the world through access to safe water and sanitation. pioneers market-driven financial solutions to ensure everyone has access to safe water and sanitation.

INTERACT: When you donate, you can vote for one of two options via a message with your donation, detailing your choice!

OPTION 1: Nicole shaves Kevin's head with whatever design she wants. He keeps it for a week. OPTION 2: Kevin shaves Nicole's head with whatever design he wants. She keeps it for a week.

Suggestions are welcome of whatever style should be shaved, let us know what you want to see!

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Andy Hume — $75.00
Connor Alarid — $30.00
Amy DeCillis — $25.00
Giang Pham — $65.00
i love my boy

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