Kelly and Tommy Wedding Fundraiser

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Jessica Thomas — $30.00
Anonymous — $25.00
Anonymous — $50.00
Que le Dieu de la Bible vous bénisse vous et tous ceux que vous aidez
Nicholas Normandin — $150.00
Tommy and Kelly, We feel so lucky to have celebrated with you at your spectacular wedding! Much Love - Nick & Nat
Spencer Smith — $100.00
Still recovering, had so much fun & love that you're including this opportunity to donate as part of your celebration. Love you both!
Daniel Conway — $100.00
This weekend was absolutely amazing. After that I know what it's like to be in need of water, so I'm down. Hope to see you soon. Love you!
Jordan Rosenheck — $75.00
Congrats T&K. Hope you're having an amazing honeymoon. What an amazing celebration...for the ages. Much love, Jordan
Eliot Gillum — $50.00
Happy wedding time!!
Tom Fores — $50.00
Congrats Kelly and Tommy, so happy for you guys!!
Danny Izarraras — $150.00
What a great and loving way to start your marriage. Thrilled to help others on your special day. Much love!
Gabe Kaplan — $200.00
Anonymous — $50.00
May this will to help others continue to feed and enlighten your marriage. Congratulations! Cristiana
Solomon Reda — $100.00
Love me some clean water
Charley & Stephanie Geoly & Webb :) — $250.00
So lovely that you're taking this opportunity to care for our global community!
Anonymous — $200.00
What a lovely and generous gesture this is; thank you for letting us participate in your worth-while cause.
Tom and Liz Conway — $300.00
What a beautiful way to begin your life together by giving to those in need. Looking forward to the big day! Love, Tom, Liz & Daniel Conway
Kimberly Bocian — $100.00
Love that you are thinking of others on your special day.
Anonymous — $50.00