Luka Seabourne-Carlin

Luka's 21st birthday fundraiser

Luka Seabourne-Carlin

Hello family and friends.

My 21st birthday is in a weeks time (8 June) and I have decided to dedicate it to charity. I will be liquidating presents and parties and directing those funds here instead.

Let me tell you why.

Last year whilst traveling New Zealand I suffered a pretty heavy concussion. What followed was a long slow recovery, I struggled with many symptoms, and no longer could do basic things that I had taken for granted my whole life. I spent a lot of time alone, it was pretty hard.

Fast track to nearly a year later. Im back in Perth due to this injury and on the mend. But I had a relapse of my concussion symptoms recently and just living my life hasn't been easy.

Then one day I listened to some gratitude and it really got me thinking.

Although it has been hard, I am dealing with a relatively minor health condition and am fortunate enough to have people that support me, to be living at my dads house, in a nice suburb, in one of the best countries in the world.

So I pondered while Im feeling like everything is hard, how many millions of people would gladly trade places with me to have what I have. Do anything to live where I live, have the support I have or to have my health.

So in light of all this I have decided to dedicate my 21st birthday to those that aren't as lucky as I am, who are in the struggle and don't have support. To the hundreds of millions of people experiencing much more severe health problems and unimaginably worse living conditions. It may only be a drop in the pond but it all makes a difference.

I have chosen because I believe it is the most tangible charity that will directly impact the lives and health of the most people. Lack of access to clean water and adequate sanitation are some of the leading causes globally of disease, hardship and death. I like the smart solutions Water.Org uses to help more people and make the most of your donation. Go have a read if you're interested.

You need your health, to better your financial situation, do the things that make you happy, achieve your dreams and to change your life.

Donations of any amount would be hugely appreciated. A couple bucks make a difference. The people have the power.

If you would have bought me a beer at the pub for my 21st chuck that in here too xx

Please note donations are processed in USD

($1 USD = $1.5 AUD). If your in Aus a $20 donation here will actually cost you $30 AUD.

Lots of love


17 supporters
Anonymous — $20.00
Happy Birthday Luka 🎉 Hope you had an awesome day yesterday!! xx
Leena Hack — $21.00
I didn't realise it was your bday! Hope you had a great day!
Thomas Humphry — $30.00
Happy birthday Luka. So cool that you are doing this with your 21st glad to call you a mate
Toby Pyvis — $16.65
Happy birthday Luka! Very proud of you for making the decision to do this. Toby & Jill

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